‘Word of mouth’ only gets you so far – you can’t rely on it forever!

So, where do you start when it comes to marketing your mechanical workshop? How do mechanics market themselves?

We’ve created the TOP TEN COMMANDMENTS that all mechanical workshops need to follow to generate leads online.

1st Commandment – All roads lead to your website

2nd Commandment – Put a picture of your premises on your website

3rd Commandment – Get on Google Maps

4th Commandment – Setup your social media profiles

5th Commandment – Create trust and a loyal fan base through reviews

6th Commandment – Build trust through content

7th Commandment – Keep your website updated

8th Commandment – Stay on your customers radar with remarketing

9th Commandment – Capture email addresses to get repeat business

10th Commandment – Create and talk about your “Unique Selling Value” (USV)

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